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Google My Business SEO

Do you also need Google My Business SEO? I work with my clients in a number of industries, all around the cities rank in the top 10 places of Google, Yahoo and Bing, and at the same time maintaining their positions. I’ve planned and executed a number of successful local SEO services campaigns for my clients.

What is Google My Business SEO?

Google My Business SEO is Google’s platform that allows local business to manage their online presence through Google search and on Google Maps so that they are easily (geo) located and provide the information usually sought by Internet users (timetables opening, itinerary, consumer opinion, etc.) during their research.

By exploiting Google My Business you influence the local referencing of your points of sale. SEO (organic referencing) and SEA (paid referencing) are complementary strategies to improve their visibility on the Internet.

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Is Google My Business Good for SEO?

Google My Business (GMB) is a tool that helps your business improve its local SEO services. And as many practitioners dream of, this completely free option gives you access to the Google podium. Getting to the top of the results will surely be easier if you live in Chicago or Dallas, but with all the advice given here, even Healthcare Professionals in New york will be able to take up the “Top Position” challenge.

Google My Business SEO Services

Quality Google My business SEO services for a healthy and lasting relationship with my clients.

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I offer you a free SEO audit for to identify blocking points and list all the SEO optimizations to perform your Website on Google

Local SEO

I work with my clients in a number of industries, all around the cities rank in the top 10 places of Google, and  time maintaining their …

Google My Business

Google My Business is Google’s platform that allows local establishments to manage their online presence

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What’s the SeoYass Way to Perform Google My Business SEO local?

At SeoYass I take a methodical approach to Google My Business SEO.

Complicated but simple when i set up your Google My Business SEO local profile, i take certain action steps, those steps are:

1. Verified company

To get a good ranking on Google with Google My Business, you first need to make sure that your practice is real. It does this by determining how often your name, address and phone number appear on the Web. The more pages you have that talk about you, the better you will be referenced. The best way to increase your credibility is to have a very well referenced Website, your firm will also have to be listed in various local and national professional directories such as “yellow pages”, “Google Places” or “Yelp”.

2. Consistent information

How this information is listed in these directories is very important. They must be exactly the same each time. Otherwise, Google crawlers will be lost. To ensure this, search the Internet for your practice. If you notice a page with outdated information, contact them and request changes. Note that this process is all the more necessary if you have recently changed activities or premises.

3. Google Maps

It is recommended that you pin your business to Google Maps by entering your address in the search bar. On the left, in the establishment’s profile, click on “Add your establishment” and you’re done.

4. Updated file

If you can, share photos of your facility: waiting room, exterior, logo … This will be reassuring for your patients and Google will consider your activity to be real! According to this tool, Google My Business listings with images recorded 42% more requests for directions to their address and 35% more clicks to their Websites than those without. So why go without?

5. Opinions of patients

You need to get all of your patients to give their opinion on your Google page. If your page has 30 or more reviews, chances are it will show up in the top results. Your potential patients will then more easily place their trust in you. A


study has shown that an additional star improves a company’s turnover by 5 to 9%. So remember to collect positive opinions regularly and in large numbers. If they contain keywords related to your activity (teeth, dentist, dental care, dental implants …), it is even better for your positioning! Finally, you will have to respond to all notices given. It can be time consuming, but will bring you so much benefit that the time spent responding to your patients will pay off very quickly.

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Why Choose SeoYass?

i work with my customers in a number of industries, all around the nation rank in the top 10 places of Google, and at the same time maintaining their positions. I’ve planned and executed a number of successful SEO services for small businesses.

SeoYass. Your Google My business SEO Experts.

Are You Ready to Boost Your Google Local Search Engine Optimization Efforts?

Google views your business as an authority, the higher your overall rankings. And I know that higher rankings equals more phone calls, which is most important to the health of your business. I know that much to be true, which is what makes SeoYass the BEST PARTNER for your Google My Business SEO.

Answers to Your Questions

💰 How much does SEO on Google cost

The cost of an SEO campaign varies depending on your Website history, targeted keywords, industry, and the amount of work required to achieve your goals. I work with many clients and offers good value for money solutions that deliver concrete results. I will assess your needs in order to develop a winning strategy for you. Contact SeoYass for a free consultation and estimate.

⏰ How Long Does It Take To See The Results On Google?

With over 200 different ranking signals, it’s hard to know how long to rank a site well on the top of the search results.

In my experience, customers typically see significant improvement in long tail keywords within 3 months and more competitive search terms around 6 months. SEO is a long-term strategy, but it has always been proven to deliver the best return on investment (ROI).


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