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How to respond to Google reviews (negative or positive)

by | Oct 10, 2021 | SEO | 0 comments

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How to respond to Google reviews whether positive or negative?

This should not be taken lightly because responding to your Google reviews can have a big impact on your business e-reputation.

It’s like Google My Business messages, they need to be answered!

Some companies focus on collecting reviews but don’t realize how equally important responding to that review is.

But what’s the best way to approach a review or comment left by your customer?

I have had the opportunity to work on the reputation and Google reviews of many companies. I will give you the best practices used by professionals to control your online reputation and of course improve your local SEO.

Here’s how to respond to Google reviews:

Do you have to respond to all your Google reviews?

I think this is the most common question with my clients.

The answer is yes, you have to answer all your customer reviews. When you respond to your testimonials on Google you are showing thousands of internet users that you care about your customers.

Internet users before selecting a service provider, compare all the local businesses available to them. Which company has the best reviews in the area? and above all, which establishment responds to its customers?

For example, if you are a hotelier, you should also respond to all your Google reviews and comments. I talk about it in my article on hotel communication. This makes the difference between all accommodations.

When you respond to reviews you show your customers that you care. Even your customers who leave you negative reviews will be happy to know they are trying to resolve the conflict.

The objective is not to collect the most opinions but to collect them regularly and to respond to them.

Google showcases companies that regularly respond to their reviews on its search engine.

It is also a way to retain your customers. When you respond to a review, your customer is notified by email and it’s a way to show them that they are heard.

Do you respond to your positive reviews?

You have to respond to all your opinions, even positive ones. Know that responding to your positive reviews allows you to retain your customers and show Internet users that you are listening.

When the act of purchase is complete, some customers like to receive a response from the business when they review a review. It is a form of recognition. You of course thank the customers who took the time to leave you a review.
Know that for a customer, leaving a review is a laborious act. It is interesting to thank them.

When you also respond to your customers, you encourage and motivate your future customers to leave a review.

Some companies receive a lot of reviews and comments. Responding to reviews can be tedious when you have a lot of reviews on a regular basis or when you have multiple locations.

How to respond to your positive Google reviews?

All positive reviews are 4 out of 5 stars or 5 out of 5 stars. But how do you respond to this kind of comment?

Here’s how to respond to a positive Google review:

  1. Personalize your response (name, first name, product, service, salespeople)
  2. Thank the author for taking the time to leave a review
  3. Recall the positives and explain your values
  4. Beware of spelling mistakes
  5. Sign your response (example: “Thank you from the Century 21 teams)
  6. Say that

You must personalize your response using your client’s name (first name) and mention the service provided to remind you of what has been done.

Of course, try to thank your customer who took the time to post a Google review.

Also, encourage your customers to let come back to your establishment if you are selling products.

At the end of your answer mention the name of your company or even your first name so that it is personalized. For example, you can put at the end of your answer “Thank you on behalf of the teams”.

Some real estate agencies ask their advisers to leave their first names. It’s a way to encourage real estate agents to collect Google reviews. This is part of one of the real estate communication strategies.

Do I have to respond to my Negative reviews?

The question does not arise, you must answer your negative opinions.

It is true that collecting reviews is good for your online reputation, but you also need to control your online reputation by controlling your negative reviews. Responding to a positive review is fairly easy, but responding to a negative review is quite another thing.

If you don’t respond to your negative reviews, you’re showing your unhappy customers and internet users that you’re not listening. When you don’t respond to bad reviews, you’re not taking time for all of your customers.

There is a benefit to dealing with negative testimonials, that of being able to improve your business. Maybe there are elements to improve in your service, products or others?

Be aware that if you contact the author of the review it is even possible that he changes his comment for a more positive testimonial.

Many business leaders don’t want to respond to reviews because they don’t think it’s worth the trouble.

Responses to reviews aren’t just addressed to unhappy customers, but to visitors to your Google My Business page. What image would you like to show online?

There are a few things to follow when responding to a negative review:

How to respond to a negative Google review in the rules of the art?

There are dos and don’ts.

Things to do when responding to a negative review:

  1. Be respectful and professional
  2. Take the time to respond to the testimonial but don’t let the comment drag on
  3. Try to contact the author of the comment to try to remove or edit him
  4. Learn from this testimonial to improve yourself
  5. Offer solutions to show internet users that you are listening
  6. Take the time to summarize the situation and indicate the elements

First, don’t give way to emotions. If this review affects you personally, do not respond to it right away. Come back a few hours later to answer them.

Always be professional and respectful towards Internet users.


Show Internet users that you know how to solve your business concerns with great professionalism.

Then try to remind the client of the circumstances of the bad experience and apologize if necessary. Ask the client to contact you to discuss it over the phone or face to face to resolve matters.

Unfortunately, most negative Google reviews remain negative. But sometimes it is possible to fix your customer’s problem. For example, this is the case in some restaurants that offer the customer to come back and exchange their dishes. If you want to learn more about restaurant marketing, check out my guide published last week.

Remember to say that you are trying your best to improve yourself and that you are sorry for the bad experience.

Here are some examples of responses to negative reviews you can give:

Be careful, some Google reviews or comments may be completely false. In this case, you should try to remove the comment by flagging it. Of course, try to detect if the left notice is wrong or not. Be aware that Google only removes reviews that do not meet these guidelines.

If you have any suspicions, you can check out my previous post on deleting reviews and how to do it.

Where can I respond to my Google reviews?

Can’t find where to reply to your Google comments?

There are 3 ways to respond to your Google reviews:

  • From the Google My Business app
  • You can reply from your computer with the Google My Business site
  • Reply from Google or Google Maps

Reply from the Google My Business app

  1. Download the Google My Business app
  2. Open the app
  3. Click on “Customers” then “Reviews”
  4. Select the opinion you want
  5. Write the review and voila

Reply from the Google My Business site

  1. Go to the Google My business site
  2. Select “Reviews” from the table
  3. Click on “Reply” under the notice you want

and if you have several unanswered reviews, what to do?

Sometimes certain companies or networks collect many opinions and comments. The task of answering all the testimonials becomes more complicated if one does not use the right methods.

I often recommend that the network centralize all their reviews in one place and prioritize them (negative reviews).

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