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How to be visible at the top of the list on Google Maps? Any business must be on the map to be seen by potential customers in your city or region.

If there are people who want to buy products or services in your catchment area, you should appear for free in Google search results.

SEO on Google Maps, or local SEO, can considerably develop the activity of a company thanks to better local visibility.

If you are not there or if you are not well listed on Google Maps then this article is for you.

This guide is simple and is aimed at artisans, traders, freelancers and other businesses who want to improve their presence on Google Maps. This is the guide to my experiences to rank better on Google.

After having optimized the SEO Maps of many companies (see my reviews), I can give you the best advice to have a better Google Map SEO.

What is Google Maps SEO?

Google Maps SEO or Google My Business SEO represents an essential lever for companies with a catchment area. It is also part of what is called local SEO.

It improves the visibility and SEO of an establishment in a geographical area. It uses technical optimizations of the site, the content, the notoriety to better optimize a business on search engines.

Why is SEO on Google Maps important?

First, the Google Maps GPS has reached 1 billion active users and covers 98% of the inhabited spaces of the planet according to a CNET study.

Not having Google visibility means being invisible on the web and near Internet users.

Google Maps is essential for any local business that depends on its catchment area. If you are a real estate agent for example, you must have a communication plan and a digital strategy oriented towards localized search, this is called a local SEO strategy.

When you appear on Google Maps, you get a competitive advantage over your non-competitive competitors. Most SMEs and VSEs are lagging behind when it comes to digital and web communication. You will be visible to customers who are nearby.

Then, registration is free and quick. You will find below how to set up your business on Google maps in 7 steps.

It is the most used platform for local searches! Contrary to popular belief, it is not the Yellow Pages or TripAdvisor that attracts the most people, but Google.

The search engine increasingly emphasizes localized searches on its results because they are more relevant and people use their mobile more and more in the street. If you are looking for a restaurant, you will prefer a place right next to your location. You also appear on this famous local pack which puts you forward.

When you appear on Google Maps you are able to receive opinions from your customers. This can significantly improve your e-reputation on the web and therefore attract more customers. Pay attention to the types of notices you receive! Long reviews given by local Google Guides are more prominent than others.

rank in google maps

How do I get my business on Google Maps?

To appear on Google Maps you must register on the platform called Google My Business. After registration and Google validation you will automatically be visible on Google Maps.

Warning ! Check if your Google My Business listing has not already been created by google or a local Google guide.

Why ?

If you create a new listing, you may have a duplicate listing and receive a suspension from Google My Business.

How do you know that a file already exists?

Very simple, search on Google and Google Map, the name of your establishment. If no card appears then go to the next step. Otherwise you must claim it.

If you have not claimed your establishment then search for your establishment and click on “Are you the establishment owner?”

Here are the 7 steps and the procedure to appear on Google Maps and improve your local SEO:

1. You must have a Google account to register first. If you don’t, you need to go to Gmail and create your first account.
2. If you have an account then search for “Google My Business” on the internet or go to this link https://www.google.fr/business/
3. Click on the button “Manage my Profile” and put your Google account
4. Be careful, always do a search to verify that your business is not already appearing on Google Maps.
5. If not then “add your establishment”.
6. Fill in all the information with precision (phone number, category, address, name of the establishment, photos, website, etc.). I will explain below how to properly optimize your listing in Google Maps search results.
7. When everything is complete, Google needs to verify that this is your business. You will receive a validation code by mail to confirm the business.

My business does not appear on Google Maps

Your establishment cannot be found on Google Maps?

Here are some tips to resolve the issue. First, has your Google My Business listing been validated? If this is not the case you must re-apply to receive a mail with the validation codes as indicated above. First check if it is not already claimed.

If, you have just validated your establishment then it may take a few days for your establishment to appear in the search results. To verify that your business is visible, search for your business name + city on Google. For example, “Chiropractor New York”.

The third case is your file has been validated for a long time but cannot be found, 3 cases arise:

The listing is poorly optimzed from a local SEO perspective. You must complete everything with certainty all the information (timetables, telephone, address ..) for Google to make you visible on Google Maps. Then it all also depends on the algorithm and the competition. To Optimize your local SEO you should follow the elements below. Poor local SEO will prevent you from being visible on the web for the right keywords, so optimize your listing.
You may have changed information on your listing, Google takes up to 3 days to validate and validate your corrections. Be patient.
You violate the guidelines and policies of Google Maps. If you change your information too many times your listing may be suspended. In this case, you should try to make the necessary changes or contact Google My Business support.

Can i help you to Rank in Google Maps

Local SEO Google Maps Free

Now that you are visible on Google Maps, you must optimize your listing to appear among the first establishments. It’s through local SEO that you will be able to do this. Otherwise, you will only be visible your business name and not your activity.

When you optimize your Google My Business listing to be among the first, this is called local SEO or localized SEO.

There are many local SEO factors today such as proximity, relevance and brand awareness.

Here are some tips to improve your SEO to a high level:

rank on Google maps

1. Complete your company profile 100%

The first step is to ask if my Google My Business listing has been correctly completed. Is my information correct? Have I filled in everything?

Sometimes you can’t even appear for your brand name. This means that either your listing is recent, or you have a duplicate or a bad Google ranking. This is why you must fill out your form correctly.

The last thing you want is a customer who comes to your establishment while you are closed.

What are the elements to check?

  • You must verify that the name of your establishment is correct and matches the name of your brand. Be careful to avoid overoptimized names.
  • Is the phone number correct? Can my customers contact me on this line?
    My address is my business address and people can get to my establishment if it uses Google Maps GPS.
  • You have chosen your main category and the additional ones. To choose well, look at what your competitors have put to validate your category to generate your main and secondary categories to put in 2 sec. So avoid starting off on the wrong foot.
  • Are your hours correct to inform your customers of opening hours, closings and holidays?
  • You have photos to describe your activity or your products to Internet users. Photos are important because they give an idea of ​​your establishment.
  • You have your official website and not your facebook page or directory. You need to optimize your website for local SEO to have good SEO.
  • Regularly update its information if it changes or if you have new photos for your Google My Business.
  • Set up Google My Business messages. You will be able to respond to your prospects from your computer or on your mobile phone with the Google My Business application.
  • Track the performance of your Google My Business listing to find out how your customers are interacting with your listing. Did you receive more calls? More visits? This is valuable data that mentions customer actions, the keywords used to search for your business and recently you can look at the platforms and devices used.

There are other things to optimize that you can find in our article on local SEO, but these are the most important.

local seo

2. Get Google reviews

One of the factors to be better optimzed on Google Maps are reviews.

Reviews are now an important factor for your local SEO. You need to advance your business’s local SEO by improving your reputation.

Be careful, this is not the only factor, you have to qualify the comments. The objective of your local SEO is to optimize everything as well as your reviews, listings, reputation and site.

Not only, it allows you to distinguish yourself from your competition by building a good reputation at your establishment. Internet users will be more likely to go to an establishment with many reviews and good ratings.

You need to ask your customers to give you feedback because it is the sinews of war to be better optimzed on Google.

In our previous article I listed many effective tips to get more reviews for your business, such as short link name or the right time …

What I generally recommend is having a real strategy for getting reviews and especially not buying fake reviews as mentioned in another article.

3. Optimize your website

Yes, the efforts are not only on your Google My Business listing but also on your website.

If you don’t have a website yet, then I strongly recommend that you create one with a solid SEO foundation. Sometimes in certain sectors of activity, it is essential to have a site to be optimzed on Google.

While waiting to create a website optimized for SEO you can use the Google My Business website which is free. Unfortunately the Google site website has little functionality when it comes to personalization.

To optimize your website for SEO, you need to do basic improvements such as:

Improve Title, H1 and Meta Description Tag
Have no technical errors on the site 404 error, bad redirect, canonical
Get better load times for your site on mobile
Choosing the right keywords
Your website must be mobile friendly and responsive (a website suitable for all media)

If you want to optimize your website for SEO and improve your Google Maps visibility at the same time, you need to know your keywords.

Do you know your keywords?

Before any optimization you must have selected (dozens) of keywords for your business.

Keyword selection cannot be improvised, you need to use tools like Semrush to find out the exact phrases people use.

Did you know that between the keyword “lawyer in New York” and “lawyer New York “, there is a huge difference in the number of searches? There is a difference of 3,000.

Do you know the number of Google searches for your keywords? The competition ? Your competitors who also want your keywords? Which variations of your keywords are also to be targeted?

Some tools on the web like Semrush can give you a whole list and show you day by day your progress.

Do not hesitate to hire an local SEO services or a SEO consultant services to help you instead of building a site that will later need to be repaired and optimized.

If you want to know everything about Google My Business optimizations during this period, I advise you to contact me. This is what allowed me to drive my clients up in Google and Google Map results.

4. Increase your notoriety

When you’ve done some work on your listing and your website, it’s time to start building your brand. How? ‘Or’ What?

There are many ways to improve your reputation on the web, such as having your business mentioned (called citations) on other sites. This is the mention of your establishment, whether it be the name, telephone number, address or website on other websites.

If you are a restaurant, you must be present on Tripadvisor, Petit futé, Lafourchette… These elements are important to be among the first on Google Maps.

For more information, see our article on local SEO.


What to remember to appear in Google Maps results: Create a Google My Business Account with all your information Fill in your information correctly (phone, address, name …). Optimize your listing to be better optimized on Google.

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