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Google Review Removal in 2021

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Do you need Google review removal?! If yes, so it’s happened to you when someone has left you a one-star Google review on your Google My Business listing, and when you quickly check who it is by you realize that you’ve actually never done business with this so-called customer, and it’s likely to be a fake review.

how to get google review removed?

If you want to know how to get a Google review removed, firstly you have to respond to the review, remember potential customers will read reviews including your answers so be as professional as possible even when you respond to a fake review as inappropriate, hoping Google will do something about it.


review google my business

Reviews are notoriously difficult to get removed, and in most cases Google will keep a review on your listing unless it violates their policies which are as follows it’s not relevant to your business.

There is a conflict of interest with for example a disgruntled former employee it contains some offensive or sexually explicit material there is some privacy concern or legal issue.

google my business

Unless the review you are flagging fits one of these criteria chances for it to be removed are slim. Nevertheless, It’s still worth flagging a review that you think is not genuine.

The only problem with doing this up to now was that after flagging a review, all you’d get is a thank you message confirming it had been reported and that Google might follow up with you if they needed further clarification, and that was pretty much it you wouldn’t know what decision would be made by Google why or even if they are bothered looking at it all together and being left in the dark.

Thankfully. those days are gone Google has just released a brand new tool that displays all your reviews in one place, not only you can use this tool to report reviews that violate Google’s policies but you can also check the status of reviews you’ve previously flagged as inappropriate.

Google bad review removal

This is great news because from now on you’ll know exactly what Google has decided to do with a bad review you flagged and why no more guesswork.

To access the tool, then log in using the email address linked to your Google My Business profile, select the business or location you want to check the review status for then click on continue.

Google Review Removal

If you’ve never reported a review you’ll see a table that contains all the reviews that have been published for your listing, the information included in the table is a snippet of the review itself the star rating the customer has given you and the date it was posted.

Clicking on the view on maps will take you directly to that review on Google maps itself, to report a bad review you feel goes against Google’s guidelines click on the report a review link, you will be taken to a screen you may be familiar with if you’ve reported reviews in the past select the most suitable option then click on report after which you’ll see the thank you message.

You will also receive an email from Google confirming your request to remove a bad review has been received, so far you might think there are no major changes to the previous process but you’d be wrong, if you log back into the tool and select the business listing from which you have flagged the review.

You should now see an option that says check the status of the review I reported previously, tick the radio button and continue on the next screen you’ll see the list of the reviews you have flagged in chronological order along with their status. Reported reviews may take up to 72 hours to be evaluated after which the status should be changed.

If the review is infringing Google’s policy it will be removed and will no longer be displayed on this list. If however Google deems the review to be genuine the pending status will be updated to the following status report reviewed with no policy violation.

For more details about the decision, you can select that review by clicking on the radio button and click on continue, if you are unhappy about the decision you have the possibility of appealing so the review can be assessed a second time.

You can only appeal once after which the decision will be final. I personally think this is a very handy tool and provides much more visibility over Google My Business reviews overall, at the very least you know where you stand and you’re no longer going to waste time chasing Google about an undeserved review.

This is also useful for SEO consultant services  out there who can show their clients he’ve done everything he could to remove a review that isn’t genuine.

If however you Google My Business account is linked to a large number of business profiles it will not work but for most of you out there it will so try it out.

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